Kodiak Footwear

Kodiak - 110 years of Canadian craft

Kodiak, Canada's bootmaker for the past 110 years, is an industry leader when it comes to designing and engineering durable footwear for men and women. Whether you need waterproof or hiking boots, steel toe shoes, or safety boots, you can rely on Kodiak to get you through the toughest weather and working conditions. Shop Kodiak shoes today at TSC. Co-founded by Charles Greb, as Berlin Shoe Mfg. Co. Ltd in Kitchener, Ontario, in 1910, Kodiak originally specialized in making sturdy work boots for miners, loggers, and farmers. In 1916, the company became fully owned by Greb and was renamed Greb Shoe Co. Ltd. Withstanding the tribulations of the great depression, the company's production facility remained open and expanded when it acquired Valentine & Martin Shoe Co., a strategic move that earned the company shoemaking abilities. In 1957, Greb's waterproof leather boot featuring a unique anti-slip tread became approved as the Canadian Army's official combat boot. Just two years later, Greb acquired Canada West Shoes, which owned the Kodiak trademark, leading to its initial launch of Kodiak-branded work, hunting, and sport boots. Fast-forward to the present day, branded under its new name Kodiak Group Holdings Co., the company has achieved many notable successes, including the acquisition of VF Corporation, one of the world's largest footwear companies with brands like Vans, The North Face, and Timberland. Kodiak stepped onto the world stage when it became the 2010 Canadian Olympic team athletes' official boot supplier. As the producer of the world's first fully-waterproof leather boot, Kodiak remains committed to discovering new innovative technology for its footwear. In today's Kodiak collections, you'll enjoy the benefits of reliable patented technologies such as Comfortzone System, a dual-density urethane technology providing optimum shock absorption and pain relief from flat feet, as well as Ultimate SR, a highly slip-resistant outsole designed with flexible rubber compounds. Discover 110 years of Canadian Craft with Kodiak, available for you at TSC.