Imperial Pearls

The Ideal Setting For Imperial Pearl Is You.

The pearl can be one of nature's most perfect creations. Plying their trade for 3 generations, the Bazar family know a thing a two about perfect pearls. Revel and delight in the absolute beauty of their astounding collection with Imperial Pearls, available for you here at TSC! CEO Josh Lazar is passionate about pearls like no other. Working specifically with select pearl farms from all over the Pacific Ocean, they pride themselves on a stringent selection process and diligent quality ethic. 'We only work with the top 1% of pearls from around the world, graded on size, shape, surface quality, colour, and lustre.' Only the most exceptional specimens are selected, and it shows in every single piece of jewellery in their collection. Whatever the piece you're looking for, whether it be a stunning eye-catching ring, innovative elegant earrings, a dramatically classic necklace, or something else entirely, their selection is only matched by the level of uncompromised quality in everything they create. Using sterling silver and gold to set their pearls, there is a craftsmanship on display, intricate and undeniably exceptional, that perfectly matches their elite selection process and makes for a collection that is truly something special. Through 3 generations of Bazar's, they have proudly accessorized many famous people, from golden age Hollywood movie stars, to the first lady's of American presidents. When you wear one of their creations, Imperial Pearls wants you to feel the same level of glamour as celebrities do attending a gala or walking the red carpet at a world premiere; with this level of quality, they have no doubt that you will. CEO Lazar says the quality from Imperial Pearls is 'not just a promise from a brand, but a promise from a family'. With their continued success and constant quality, it's hard to argue with that motto. Imperial Pearls are available for you here at TSC!