Copper Chef

Copper Chef Cookware and Bakeware Collections

As seen on tv and online at TSC Canada, Copper Chef brings your kitchen durability, performance, and precision! The brand’s cookware and bakeware are well known for their intelligent features that not only simplify your cooking but enhance food flavours. Small appliances, such as induction cooktop, and accessories, are also included in the product range by Copper Chef. Each product is designed with the quality and technology necessary to bring professional results to your home cooking. Copper Chef was a pioneer in introducing Cerami-Tech Advanced Non-Stick coating with its first release, the Signature Collection 9.5 ""Deep Dish Square Pan. The pan was elected “Product of the Year” in the cookware category by consumers, in 2018, for its innovative feature. This successful Non-Stick technology is the brand signature and can be found in all the cookware collections—Signature Series, Black Diamond Series and Titan Series. Signatures Series Copper Chef's original chef-style Signature collection is endorsed by Eric Theis, chef & culinary expert. With this high-quality 6-in-1 non-stick cookware, you can make delicious and healthier meals fast and easy without adding any fats or oils. The multi-purpose square pan allows you to use it as a skillet, a steamer, a baking dish, a roasting pot, a wok, or simply as a rice cooker. All the Signature collection is copper-infused—a metal that is a good heat conductor and gives the product the capacity to heat up to 850 degrees. All grill pan, frying pan, casseroles and cookware sets are coated with Ceramic-tech, which is healthier and heats your food for longer. Black Diamond Series The stackable, space-saving design of the Black Diamond collection is perfect for saving precious storage space in your kitchen. The built-in Stainless Steel Induction Plate offers rapid, even heating from edge to edge to prepare pancakes, steaks, fish, vegetables and more with perfection. PTFE & PFOA-Free Cerami-Tech Non-Stick coating with 3D Diamond Matrix Texture gives you instant food release and easy clean-up. Titan Series Copper Chef teamed up with Chef Jet Tila, an American celebrity chef, to create a pro-grade pan that is the perfect union of nonstick and stainless steel. Features a Tri-Ply design, a layer of aluminum for fast heat conduction between two layers of stainless steel for even cooking and heat retention. V-shape end cool-touch handles have been ergonomically designed to ensure comfort for easy lifting while cooking. The cooking surface is laser etched to create a steel matrix filled with a nonstick diamond-infused coating to protect it from scratching.