Preloved Fashion

Adored by celebrities and consumers alike, Preloved is available to you here at TSC! It's safe to say that Preloved isn't like any other company or clothing line you've ever heard of. Canadian founder and Creative Director Julia Grieve has created a truly unique clothing line in Preloved. As the appealing name suggests, their trademark is taking select and beautiful vintage pieces of fabric and repurposing them into stunning apparel that is all at once classic and distinctly modern. Preloved are truly their own brand, and create every piece of their vibrant collection with the same attention to detail and love as the next. Their novel ingenuity, combined with smart finished designs, has garnered the attentions of true celebrity elite, and the list of their admirers is as long as it is impressive: Julia Roberts, Hilary Duff, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Hudson, and Anne Hathaway, to name a very select few, are all huge supporters and wear Grieve's creations enthusiastically. While proudly Canadian, Preloved's ideas are simply too big for one nation alone, and have found universal successful and acclaim all around the globe (North America, Japan, Europe, and Australia) for many years. The 'upcycled heart' logo has come to stand for simple sophistication the world over. One look at their collection and you will understand the sentiment. Deceptively simple, their irresistible aesthetic lays in equal parts timelessness, adaptability, and care of design. Whether its an everyday sweater cut with carefree flare, or a pair of cotton pants that inject your basics with undeniable freshness, Preloved is a true lifestyle brand in every sense of the expression. Bursting with limitless potential, both for their future and your wardrobe, let Preloved help in their goal of assisting you with a self-described 'gorgeous life'. Unique and classically trendy, Preloved is available to you here at TSC!