Heat Holders

Heat Holders- Making Life Warmer

Say goodbye to cold feet with Heat Holders, available to you here at TSC! Founded in 2008 by David Doughty, Heat Holders was borne from a decided absence of proper thermal socks in the apparel landscape. Realizing he was dissatisfied with every option available, Doughty set to work on raising the standard on what a warming and thermal sock truly should be. Two sold years of experimentation brought him the results he desired, and the world was introduced to Heat Holders. An immediate sensation from the get-go, they have now sold 20 million pairs around the world, and Heat Holders have attained the status of the warmest sock available! Not only protective and warm, Heat Holders are also tremendously comfortable and worn with ease all day long. You can eliminate the need to double up on your socks on those chilly winter days, and can even say goodbye to the so-called thermal socks you've been wearing until now. Scientifically graded with triple the warmth of existing thermals, you can understand why so many have not only recognized them as best in class, but actually life changing, too! After their overwhelming success of the original design, Heat Holders expanded gradually to include a variety of different sock types, as well as a comprehensive line of gloves, hats, leggings, blankets, and much more. There's never any reason to feel the uncomfortable bite of low temperatures again when you're wearing any of the wonderful products by Heat Holders. Their formula for success is superior thermal yarn, an innovative looping pattern that compacts heat trapping, and an intense final brushing that elevates the fabric to its optimal state and far beyond any other thermal wear in the market. Fully dedicated to making life warmer as a whole, Heat Holders socks and apparel is available to you here at TSC!