Ellen Tracy

Ellen Tracy- Discover The Heritage

Embrace the modern and energetic version of 'you' with Ellen Tracy, available for you here at TSC! Founded by Herb Gallen in 1949, Ellen Tracy originated as a designer of quality blouses for the contemporary woman. Almost 75 years later, Ellen Tracy still follows its original mission of melding together a youthful energy with mature glamour, and focuses on creating collections specific to the decidedly modern woman. In the 1970's, with the steady entrance of women into the workforce around the world, Ellen Tracy found their target inspiration, and haven't shied away since. They are inspired by the contemporary woman who's life is filled with everything she wants, and continues to strive. In their own words, 'She is the 21st-century woman who sees change as a good thing, and is focused not so much on having it all, as on living it all.' Ellen Tracy have been represented in print by Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, and Stephanie Seymour, and continue to inspire the best in every generations leaders and figureheads. Never one to shy away from a distinctly positive energy, Ellen Tracy have always been comfortable with the use of colour in all of their pieces. Regardless if it's a bold accent or the item's base, Ellen Tracy creations announce themselves with a sophisticated attention; sometimes playful, sometimes powerful, always fashionable. But we all know the saying about 'all work and no play', and with that in mind Ellen Tracy also features a comfortable collection of sleepwear and bedding for you to recharge in your quieter moments. Dictated with the same inspiration as their clothing lines, Ellen Tracy puts together a collection the helps bring out your best in your downtime, because its nothing less than what you deserve. Polished, inspired, and dynamic, Ellen Tracy is available to you here at TSC!