Blankie Tails

Blankie Tails- The Original Shaped Blankets!

Add an extra element of fun to relaxing cozy time with Blankie Tails, available for you here at TSC! Dubbing themselves as the 'cozy destination for your imagination', Blankie Tails was founded by Hattie Elliot in Bensalem, Pennsylvania to appease and amuse her mermaid-crazy nieces! Inspire by some photos she had come across online, she came up with the idea of creating mermaid tail-shaped blankets, and followed up immediately with ones in the shape of shark tails, too. Designed to endure the energetic enthusiasm of little legs but remain irresistibly soft at the the same time, her first round of Blankie Tails were an instant hit and became popular almost overnight! Through a customer base that fuelled the company's profile with social media, and a product that genuinely made people smile, Blankie Tails were nothing short of a sensation! Through their success, Blankie Tails would dream up an entire series of fitted blanket themes to suit any imagination, including the licenses for many beloved properties like Transformers, Hot Wheels, and a collection of the beloved Disney princesses, too! Whatever your child's interests, whether it's undersea marine life or any number of their favourite movie characters, Blankie Tails guarantee they can keep your kids cozy and have loads of fun at the same time! Always plush and luxurious, every Blankie Tails creation is the absolute height of comfort, and sure to become a treasured favourite for any little dreamers in your life. They are easily machine washable, build to last, and come in a selection of colours that radiate nothing but fun! Give cozy time something a little extra -and a lot more fun- with Blanket Tails. Fuel those little imaginations at nap time or make TV watching that much more special; Blankie Tails are available to you here at TSC!