Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman- Original. Since 1963.

Ben Sherman is a true classic in the world of fashion, and available to you here at TSC! Born from the rise of impeccably sharp mod culture in 1960's London, it continues to retain hints of the sensibilities that made them such a leader in fashion on their debut, and still to this day. Founded in 1963 Brighton, England -a hotspot for young British mods- designer Arthur Benjamin Sugarman came up with the idea of producing clothes that resembled those of touring jazz musicians from North America. His button down shirts were an immediate hit with the young modernist wave, and from there Ben Sherman was born. Despite an existence of almost 60 years, Ben Sherman has been able to hold their place in the fashion industry by mainly embracing the look and style that first put them on the map: classic cuts, timeless lines of style, and eye-catching patterns. Regardless of era, there is something equally familiar and fresh with anything that bears the Ben Sherman name. A classic Ben Sherman shirt can complete an entire outfit on its own, and their immaculately cut pants can take your look from smart to impeccable. There's a reason why so many vanguards of the British music scene over the decades (The Who, The Jam, Paul Weller) have been so associated and comfortable with Ben Sherman; their collections universally look great, all the time, in every era, on everyone. Ben Sherman is incredibly versatile too, and can be worn for virtually any event or venue on your calendar. Smartly attentive for the office, casually sharp for an elegant meal, or inevitably attention-getting during an evening out. You can wear Ben Sherman anywhere, and they will always remain on-trend, too. That's a fantastic bonus for your wardrobe, and Ben Sherman knows. Add a bit of classic swagger to your closet with them, available to you here at TSC!