Airplus Earbuds

Sporty and durable, Airplus wireless earbuds will bring your music the sound and clarity you deserve, and available to you here at TSC! Hong Kong parent company Vishi Co Ltd. was created in 2014, and pride themselves on their line of mobile accessories crafted with sensible design, dedicated research and development, and intuitive marketing for what current consumers want. Airplus earbuds combine a series of features and technology to make for an enviable and attractive sound option for all music lovers. With simple set-up Bluetooth technology, and quick charging functionality through the protective carrying case itself, Airplus earbuds are ready to use as quickly as you need them. The handy silicon case not only offers revolutionary charging capability, but also an attractive look that can be used equally to store your earbuds away until next use, or simply accessorize! However, your earbuds can't be all about the case, and Airplus definitely delivers with rich, world class sound. Employing a cutting edge noise reduction technology, the sound is crystal clear and compliments an attractive, sleek look for you to wear comfortably and with style. They have a standard continuous playing time of four hours before charging, and boast a tough water resistance to keep your music going, clear and balanced, through those less-than-comfortable rainy days. While also available in a wide variety of hip colours, perhaps the greatest feature you're ultimately getting with Airplus is value. With this line of high quality earbuds, you will enjoy world class sound and functionality without compromising your budget. One doesn't need to be sacrificed for the other, and Airplus brings you a fantastic audio product, wireless and simple to use, that doesn't have to break the bank for musical excellence. Whether for you or that fanatical music lover in your life, Airplus wireless earbuds are available to you now at a great price, and here at TSC!