CrazyCap® UV Water Bottle Cap Purifier

Imagine a miracle water purifier that fits in the palm of your hand and that you can take with you wherever you go. Amazing, eh? Well, you can get it right here at TSC Canada! Meet The CrazyCap®, a tiny, portable purifier that utilizes Deep UV LED sterilization technology to treat the water you drink. In just 60 seconds and with a touch of a button, you can have safe drinking water from a tap or any water source! CrazyCap® is perfect to use indoors or outdoors. Take it with you when you go to the gym, for a walk, for cycling, hiking, travelling or just use it at the office. The waterproof feature also makes it safe for aquatic or winter activities such as skiing, fishing and sailing. Enjoy the benefits of clean water anytime and anywhere! Rakesh Guduru, CrazyCap® Founder and CEO, believes that treated water should be available to everyone, as it’s a basic necessity in everyday life. Based on scientific studies about UV-light's sterilization potential, he developed a product that is easy-to-use and efficient. CrazyCap® doesn't purify just water; it also sterilizes surfaces such as a shared workspace, keys, mobile phone, or computer. CrazyCap® Bottle is insulated, eco-friendly, light-weight and comes in many different colours and patterns to fit your style. The kit includes a patented port-less USB charger, bottle sleeve, and user manual with all the instructions you need to use the product. CrazyCap® offers two different sterilization modes, the Normal Mode - for water from the tap and public fountains, and the Crazy Mode - recommended for water from lakes, ponds, etc. The battery will last approximately a week on a single charge with 3-4 uses in Normal Mode sterilization. You won’t have to change batteries or replace the cap after use because it’s rechargeable! The LED indicator light will glow to indicate the battery percentage. To charge CrazyCap is pretty simple and a very convenient process. Place the port-less USB charger on top of the cap, and it will fully charge in 4 hours or less. Does CrazyCap® UV technology really work? CrazyCap uses deep UV spectrum light in the range of 278nm, proved to have maximum disinfection capability, to disinfect your water and the bottle. UVC light enters the microbial cell and destroys nucleic acids, which means that cells without an active nucleus will no longer be viable. Eventually, these dead cells become fundamental constituents, such as CO2, water, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulphur. Various scientific researches show the effectiveness of UV light in sterilizing water and various surfaces. A recent study found that UVC light has maximum germicidal efficacy; even using a very low UVC light power, it’s possible to sterilize a surface effectively. CrazyCap company uses a special spectrum to achieve maximum sterilization and guarantee great benefits in terms of safety and energy consumption.