Minnetonka Footwear

See why Minnetonka footwear has been so popular for over 75 years, available to you here at TSC! Originating out of Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1946 and named after the eponymous lake nearby, Minnetonka started as a humble souvenir shop for touring motorists. One of the most popular items they sold were their handmade moccasins provided by the local indigenous people. As America's fascination with the car and road trip vacations grew, the native-created wares found their way to all corners of the country and became organically popular and highly sought-out. When the 1960's exploded, Minnetonka moccasins became a fashion staple with the counter-culture, and their place in the world of fashion was sealed. Minnetonka reverently honours the origins of their product to the same degree as the indigenous ancestors who originally wove them. Meticulous in their hand made construction and assembled to the same specifications as the great first nations people who shared them, every piece of Minnetonka footwear is made with care and absolute craftsmanship. Further acknowledging their roots, Minnetonka possess a social awareness of the debt they owe to the people of the area, and a portion of their profits go towards causes that support and advance indigenous cultures and communities, as well as schools and families in various stages of need. Supple, stylish, and timeless, Minnetonka offers a wide variety of comfortable footwear for everyone. Their designs and look have reached into the world of celebrity influence as well, and their products have been features in a multitude of popular cinematic productions, from Urban Cowboy to Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, to name a few. Whether you're looking for something comfortable to wear around the house, everyday outdoor use, or to that special event, Minnetonka can outfit you in fantastic style, and available to you here at TSC!