Korite Ammolite

Korite Ammolite- Bring Out Your True Colours

In many ways, Korite Ammolite embodies everything that is uniquely Canadian: a bold reflection of natural beauty, cultivated with respect, and shared with the world to be marvelled at and enjoyed. A genuinely one of a kind gemstone, Korite Ammolite is available here for you TSC. Purchased as a company in 1979 by Rene Vandervelde, its founder had a distinct vision to bring the rare, opal-like ammolite to the world. His instincts were indeed correct, and Korite Ammolite is now purchased enthusiastically in over 25 countries around the planet. It is a gemstone available only in the Rocky Mountain region of North America, and the indigenous peoples speak reverently of its mystical origins and energies. Reflecting those values and respecting the region itself, all ammolite mining sites are returned to their natural state after having been harvested. Refined and crafted in their Calgary studio, every step of the process that results in one of their stunning pieces is done by hand: selection, shaping, crafting, and inspecting. Korite Ammolite's product line is a diverse balance of the exotic, the bold, and the unique, crafting all manner of jewellery to appeal to the most diverse and discerning tastes. Set within lustrous Sterling Silver in various attractive rings, pendants, and earrings, Korite Ammolite provides the world with a collection that is brilliant and colourful. Recognised in 1981 as one of the most rare gems on Earth, owning one of these remarkable pieces is like owning a little piece of Canada itself, and guaranteed to become a generational family heirloom immediately. Their pieces provide added value in their extreme rarity and affordability, too. A true Canadian success story transformed to an international one, Korite Ammolite is proud to bring the jewellery world something unlike anything else, and available for you to enjoy here at TSC.