Michelle Albala

The Michelle Albala Collection At TSC

With the love of exceptional jewellery pulsing through her veins, Michelle Albala has created some of the most striking collections of the modern age, and are available to you here at TSC! Based out of New York City, it almost seemed predetermined that Albala would end up in the jewellery world: she comes from a long line of gem dealers, and spent much of her childhood travelling to far-flung exotic destinations in the pursuit of her family's business. As an adult, she can boast having seen over 30 countries, and through the eyes of both a jewellery designer and an impassioned artist, too. With her love of quality pieces and imbuing each with a distinct artistry, Albala has created a series of collections that are wholly original and undeniably beautiful. Letting her creative wings spread, she has fashioned a series of collections that each convey their own mood and style. Whether your preference is for bold and audacious, reserved and classical, or perhaps something in between, Michelle Albala has the ideal accessory for you. Always the craftswoman, she personally sees to it that all gemstones and pearls are genuine, and all designs are finalized with a vibrant originality that gives the feeling of art as opposed to accessory. Wherever her travels have taken her over her adventurous life, Albana has injected a beloved memory into every creation, to be enjoyed by one and all. Whether you're looking for an attention-grabbing ring of colour and unique energy, or a stunning string of pearls that cap off your ensemble perfectly, the Michelle Albala collection is sure to have what you want every time. Guaranteed to garner admirers through their undeniable beauty and universal appeal, you'll be adding something new to your jewellery box with Michelle Albala, available to you here at TSC!