Clogau Gold

Clogau Gold - Welsh Storytelling Through Jewellery

Inspired by the beauty, majesty, and mystical past of Wales, Clogau Gold is available to you here at TSC! In 1992, Welsh local Bill Roberts was offered a unique investment opportunity: to purchase a small, assumed barren mine that once yielded a rare strain of gold used in jewellery for the British Royal Family decades earlier. Whether you call it fate or luck, new strains of the ultra-rare Welsh gold were found within the forgotten mine's dark depths, and the Clogau Gold jewellery line was born. Still owned and operated by the second generation of the Roberts family, Clogau are immensely proud of both their company and the series of illustrious jewellery they produce. Undeniably alive with the tones of legendary Welsh storytelling, Clogau is sure to capture your heart and imagination with its rich, authentic heritage. Beautifully crafted with a revered nod to their past, every exquisite piece from Clogau evokes a subtle but distinct touch of Welsh magic. Not only are the patterns, techniques, and symbols of Clogau evocative of Wales storied past, but each handcrafted piece (all of which contain a portion of the ancient Welsh gold) also bears the imprinted symbol of the fearsome, venerable dragon that proudly represents Wales as a nation. Whatever piece of jewellery you're looking for, Clogau Gold is sure to have a remarkable piece just right for you. Whether you bear a kinship to Wales through your family's heritage, or simply admire the stunning work Clogau does for its own sake, their expansive selection of rings, necklaces, earrings, charms, bracelets and so much more, are guaranteed to thrill you, and capture attention from absolutely everyone! For something equally unique and incredible, experience the spirit and power of ancient Wales with the extensive Clogau Gold collection, available to you here at TSC!