Karcher- All Purpose Cleaning

Based on principles of solid engineering and the constant evolution of innovation, cleaning products by Karcher are available here at TSC! Founded in 1935 by Alfred Karcher, the fledgling engineer began toying with ideas on increasing the standard of technology in the arena of cleaning. He would have his definitive breakthrough in the early 1950's when he developed the very ever first pressure washer widely used throughout Europe. Better ways of cleaning, whether for domestic or industrial venues, were Karcher's passion, and he would set the company on the path of excellence before his passing in 1958. The Karcher company would be driven by his wife for the next 30 years, carrying on his never-ending determination in finding the next level of advanced cleaning products, and becoming the world's single leading retailer of power washers. They would steadily become available in over 40 countries around the world, and set up production plants on every continent. Today, Karcher still remains the dedicated family business it has always been, and is guided by the second generation of family with the same focus on product excellence, innovation, and environmental responsibility. Karcher's product line has grown to be as extensive as it is high-quality, and includes their flagship pressure washers, vacuums, steam cleaners, window vacs, soaps and cleaning solutions, and so much more. Always in pursuit of a better method of doing things, Karcher have drafted a dedicated sustainability plan for all facets of their company, and every day move towards cleaner policies that benefit not only themselves, but their valued customers, partners, and most importantly, that planet as a whole. For the world's leading name in cleaning products, Karcher exists to make life easier and, in their own words, 'create and receive value'. Karcher cleaning products are available to you here at TSC!