Lamarque at TSC

Refined, chic and classically nuanced, Lamarque is available to you here at TSC! Founded as an upscale clothing line in 2012 Montreal, the Lamarque brand is the wondrous progression of third-generation leather working pioneers. Known for their meticulous work with only the finest leathers and fabrics, they bring a distinct high fashion aesthetic to all of their collections. Like many of the world's elite fashion brands, Lamarque have found the ideal balance of contemporary trends with classic timelessness. They describe their look as 'urban elegance', but we are sure you'll agree that Lamarque is so much more. While their cornerstone apparel is based in striking leatherwork, the visionary line also features irresistible silk blouses, stunning wool jackets, attractive puffer coats, and so much more. A combination of European classic lines with a decidedly Canadian flair, Lamarque are the embodiment of luxury and elite style. Every single one of their pieces is constructed with the same attention to detail, uncompromising in its need to stand out from the crowd and look effortless doing it. They are also big believers in social environmental responsibility, and remain as adamant in their no fur policy as ever. Further to this, Lamarque also insist on alternative tanning methods for their leather goods that substantially reduced environmental impacts in the process. You can feel good in knowing you are not only buying quality pieces of exceptional vision, but they were put together with concern for the planet, too. Lamarque is of the belief that clothing should be neither temporary not disposable, but treasured and valued with love to last 'from now until forever'. One look at their collective work, and you can see they take this belief to heart. If you're looking for something not just out of the ordinary, but elevated and undeniably eye-catching, Lamarque is definitely the brand for you. Available for you here at TSC!