Santevia Alkaline Water Filter | Pitcher, Bottle & Countertop Filters

Have you ever stopped to check the quality of the water you consume and how it influences your body's functioning? David and Yvonne Anderson, founders of Santevia, did this while looking for a natural alternative to treat David’s acid reflux! This led them to develop an efficient filtration method that breaks down contaminants to their primary form and uses organic chemistry to lower undesired particles. Thus, you have clean, healthy and perfect balanced water to drink! Shop the bottles, pitchers and countertop water filters by Santevia online at TSC and see the benefits quality water can bring to your life. Santevia believes that healthy water should be available to everyone, as this is a basic need for people's health. On average, up to 60% of the human body is composed of water, making purity and composition critical factors to keep your body working well. The company’s team of naturopaths, chemists and engineers, have invested knowledge and time to develop a perfect water filtration system. Santevia’s water filters take out tap water contaminants and restore natural minerals to give you pure, mineralized and naturally alkaline water. Santevia has been committed for years to improve the taste and the quality of the water you consume so your body can thrive and stay balanced. The microfiltration and adsorption process used by Santevia is very different from the reverse osmosis method. Instead of increasing the water acidity, the brand filters work to neutralize the acids and offer a proprietary blend of minerals. This way, you can drink water that increases your body’s alkalinity, which is great for your organism's function, and that tastes incredible. Santevia products are manufactured in Canada and strictly tested to meet the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards. By producing its products locally, the company ensures compliance with high standards and supports the community through a sustainable business model.