Discover The World Of T-Fal

Working with the singular idea of making your life easier, and for over 6 decades, T-Fal is available to you here at TSC! Founded in 1956 France by engineer Marc Grégoire, the flagship T-Fal product idea came from the most everyday setting imaginable; as Grégoire watched his wife struggle making eggs in a frustrating sticking-type pan, he was taken with the notion of creating one that featured reliable non-stick materials. He knew the idea would be both revolutionary and welcome in kitchens everywhere, and T-Fal would soon become nothing short of a household name, selling millions of innovative cooking products in every corner of the globe for over 65 years! From their wondrous non-stick pan, T-Fal would build an entire comprehensive product line in the pursuit of making people's lives easier, and those special times just a little more special. Never sitting still for too long, T-Fal are constantly inventing and coming up with new product ideas that are as exciting as they are time saving! Their line of non-stick cookware is impressive and extensive, as is their selection of intuitive small appliances for your kitchen, too: fryers, multi-cookers, grills, and all manner of breakfast devices are available to keep your kitchen and loved ones happy and satisfied! T-Fal place as much focus on value as they do innovation, and with that in mind they create all of their fantastic products with a distinct consideration for durability. With the idea of creating great memories -and meals- over and over again, T-Fal wants you to enjoy your favourite products for years to come, during those times where it matters the absolute most. Oh, and they love to share their favourite unique recipes with you, too! Redefining what the efficient and modern kitchen looks like, T-Fal is available to you here at TSC!