Verbatim- Technology You Can Trust

For all of your technology and memory needs, look no further than Verbatim, available to you here at TSC! Verbatim believes that technology is more than just computers and gadgets, but ultimately about improving the quality of your life. Based in Taiwan, Verbatim have been in existence for more than 50 years with a long history of quality products for the computer world. Originally a dedicated floppy disc manufacturer, they adapted intuitively to market trends and now almost exclusively focus on memory storage solutions (USB sticks, flash drives, memory cards, etc.) and computer accessories, to enhance your experiences day to day. They are also industry leading pioneers in the world of optical media manufacturing, contributing a variety of patented and invaluable advancements to BluRay, DVD, and CD products. With such a history of innovation, you know that Verbatim is a trusted and respected brand the world over. They maintain a multitude of development partnerships with some of the biggest names in global technology, which means their products are always designed with efficiency, convenience, and usability in mind. Not only do they offer solutions with a discernible level of excellence, but in a wide array of multiple products, too. Whatever your need, whatever your requirement, whatever helps to propel you forward to the next level of efficiency, Verbatim has it. They understand that you require a combination of portability, versatility, and reliability, and each and every one of their products are developed with all of those important factors in place. Alongside their memory solutions, Verbatim can equip you with cool products with stylish designs to supplement your desktop, laptop, tablet, and more. Take a look at their wide array of high quality mouse products and keyboards, and you're sure to find something that has the style and capability you need. Technology you can trust from Verbatim, available here at TSC!