Viana Inc

Viana Inc. Carpets And Rugs For Your Home

Creating those pieces that make every room and home a little bit warmer, Viana Inc is available to you here at TSC! Based out of Mississauga and Vaughan, Ontario, Viana Inc manufacturers high quality rugs, carpets, and a variety of accessories for your all-important home. Although working as their own business since 2011, they are a family owned enterprise that have been in the rug manufacturing sector for over 6 decades. With that type of longevity and experience, you know that Viana Inc knows how to make high quality and ever-popular products that you are sure to enjoy. Incorporating a high work ethic with a distinct eye on fashion forward trends, Viana Inc do all of their design work in-house and with a rigid eye on top notch quality. Whatever the decorating need for you house, whether its a cozy and inviting mat for your front door, something to add some warmth and comfort to a high-traffic hallway, or a mat to accentuate the manicured beauty of any given room, Viana Inc is sure to have you covered. With a selection of products available in almost endless colours and patterns, they can not only give you exactly what you're looking for, but perhaps something you hadn't even considered before! All of their products are durable and easy to keep clean, and also contain an anti-static property to avoid discomfort in use. They also offer incredible pricing for their various rugs and mats, making for an all-around superior product that will highlight your beloved living space without breaking the bank. Warm pastels, classical patterns, fun designs for the kids, and so much more, Viana Inc knows what will add that extra-special element to your home like nothing else. Canadian based with an extensive product line, Viana Inc is available to you here at TSC!