ViewSonic- See The Difference

View sonic has everything you need for all your visual needs, large or small scale, and available to you here at TSC! Co-based in California and Taiwan, Viewsonic is a dynamic company that specializes in visual displace technology. Whether it's for that big annual presentation at work, teaching a classroom of curious minds, or screening your favourite Hollywood classic, Viewsonic can equip you with everything you require. Launched by Chairman and CEO James Chu in 1987, Viewsonic has expanded quickly to become a top provider of projectors, screens, monitors, and more, by doing things the right way: focusing on customers, living by a growth mindset, adapting to the needs of the market, and doing so with integrity and responsibility. In their own words, Viewsonic 'looks to inspire the world to see the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary, and creating products, services, and sustainable ecosystems that enhance visual engagement for the betterment of our customers.' It's not hard to understand their incredible success with a mission statement like that! Viewsonic uses the image of a trio of Gouldian finch birds as an ideal representation of themselves. Native to Australia, Viewsonic strives to embody the greatest attributes of these adaptable colourful creatures, by conducting themselves with intelligence, vibrancy, warmth, resourcefulness, and friendliness. Viewsonic's three finches have become a global symbol of superior excellence, and with good reason, too. Always on the cutting edge of technology, Viewsonic brings to you a fantastic array of products like the M1 Mini, the Viewsonic Ultra, and the Viewsonic M1 Short Throw, all incredible options in projectors that wonderfully balance top-notch quality with amazing portability and versatile use. Bring theatre level possibilities with you, in your pocket! See the difference with the innovation and quality of Viewsonic, available to you here and now at TSC!