Tracy Moore Designed by Freda's

Tracy Moore Designed By Freda's

Combing style and versatility, Tracy Moore Designed By Freda's is available to you here at TSC! Famous as the award winning host of lifestyle TV show Cityline and Breakfast Television, Tracy Moore is an active dynamic mother and on-the-go career woman. She has graced the cover of fashion magazines, informed us of noteworthy news items over the airwaves, and now created a collection of women's apparel that is not just a reflection of her, but you as well, too. She wanted to create a line of clothing that looked fantastic AND universal for absolutely everything over the course of any given day. In the brand's own words, they described their fashion target as the ability to 'look funky on a dance floor, trendy in a school yard and sophisticated in the office.' Moore is sure that you can relate, and with that in mind, her partnership with Freda's has resulted in a stylish and diverse collection for most anyone! From basic wardrobe staples to signature pieces that announce themselves with glamourous flare, this extensive collection truly has something for everyone, regardless of your career, style or schedule. Moore's apparel line is also entirely made in Canada (called 'a really important part of the brand's story' by Moore herself), which appropriately reflects the fashion needs of the modern woman, distinctly Canadian and with an international appeal all at once. This collection's beauty lays in its versatility, having a tremendous mix and match potential, combined with the ability to to suit your particular style effortlessly and distinctly! A decidedly carefree balance of sexy and flirty married with classical and sophisticated, Tracy Moore Designed By Freda's let's you decide your own style with a natural and attractive ease. Face the day how you want, looking how you want, with Tracy Moore Designed By Freda, available to you here at TSC!