NYDJ - Fit Is Everything

NYJD is all about the perfect fit, and they're available to you here at TSC! Based in Los Angeles, USA, NYDJ came onto the fashion scene in 2003 as 'Not Your Daughter's Jeans'. Recognizing a huge gap in universal denim could be stylish and fit the way it was intended to, they set about creating a line of stretch jeans that solved both problems at once. NYDJ engineered a fantastic line that were immediately popular and positively embraced the notion of looking and feeling great for every woman. Inspired heavily by the distinct style of their native California, NYDJ continue to expand their line with exciting and innovative looks to maximize your comfort and confidence. As the years have passed, NYDJ have not limited themselves to their cornerstone jeans collection; they have also expanded into different types of pants, and perfectly matching tops of all varieties, too. Not only does NYDJ have a great line of women's wear, they can certainly lay claim to having their very own look, as well! The secret to NYDJ's incredible success is their proprietary Lift Tuck® Technology, that features a patented criss-cross design to flatten in the front, and a contouring design in the back that reshapes curves. What this means is an innovative construction that allows you to look, feel, and wear a size smaller, adding confidence and variety to your look. They also boast an impressive list of various sizes, from petite to maternity, showing that not only do they understand your curves, but want every woman to experience NYDJ, too. Whether you're looking for a clothing line that confidently changes the way you look, or simply on the lookout for a brand that brings something new and stylish to your wardrobe, NYDJ is an exciting designer that wants to help make you your best self. Available to you here at TSC!