FrostGuard Windshield Covers

Windshield covers and other must-have items designed to weather any winter storm. Discover affordable and straightforward solutions to cold weather problems with FrostGuard, available to you here at TSC! FrostGuard brings you a unique collection of effective winter solutions designed to achieve one simple goal: to save you time and energy by eliminating winter’s most challenging jobs. With products like front and rear windshield covers, mirror covers, and door handle covers, you’ll never have to worry about spending time in the cold scraping ice and snow off your car again. The brand is best known for its innovative and durable windshield covers. Advanced features of the FrostGuard windshield cover include a 600D polyester material that repels harsh weather elements and a fit-fast attachment. The fit-fast attachment allows for a convenient and custom fit onto any vehicle with flexible side straps and soft rubber attachment hooks that keep it snuggly secured. Choose from various stylish colours and patterns like solid black, snakeskin, tweed, and snowflake. If you’re someone who is always on the go, the FrostGuard Plus is the perfect choice for you. Offering all of the same high-performing features of the brand’s original windshield cover, Plus attaches quickly and easily with two security panels and a wider flap for a snug fit every time. It also comes with a quick-dry storage pouch that makes it easy to store without soaking your backseat. What’s more, is that a one-year guarantee backs FrostGuard’s products! FrostGuard also has you covered during the summer months with its SunBlocker windshield cover, which is proven to protect your car’s interior and wipers from damaging UV rays. Its weather-resistant polyester material keeps your vehicle up to 55% cooler, so you can spend less time waiting for air conditioning to cool your car and more time getting to where you need to be comfortably. Find out why more than 5 million people use and love FrostGuard’s innovative weather protection solutions when you shop the collection here at TSC!