Arcade1Up Gaming

Do you remember the beeps, flashes and thrills of arcade life in the 80's? Whether you do or not, you're sure to experience that classic retro rush with Arcade1Up, available for you here at TSC! Inspired and nostalgic for those days when a handful of quarters meant everything, Arcade1Up has everything you need for that classic gamer in your life. Whether you're outrunning a quartet of blinking ghosts, clearing the garden of destructive centipedes, or facing off against a fleet of galactic invaders, let Arcade1Up help you relive those days of endless excitement! In 2018, CEO Scott Bachrach noticed a definitive hole in the retro-gaming market, specifically the lack of convincing replica products that were sensibly priced and suitably portable. 'How do we make something that is affordable to the masses but gives you the same play as a real arcade?' mused Bachrach. From there, Arcade1Up was created. Pursuing the licences of the world's favourite 80's classic games, Arcade1Up instantly dominated the market, and expanded quickly into the realm of 90's gaming with the same winning formula. They have been able to balance an identical game experience of those years gone past with affordability, and not having to ask all your friends for help moving it! (Floor units are less than a third of their original weight, while the tabletop, or counter-cade, models, are less than ten pounds each !) Continuing to honour the gaming past, they have also expanded into pinball machines and accessories like gaming stools, which feature the characters and challenges that are loved and indispensable to all gamers. With exclusive properties like Star Wars, Marvel Comics, the NBA, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you are guaranteed to find all of your fast moving favourites, from both the past and the present! Relive those days of thrilling afternoons with Arcade1Up, available for you here now at TSC...and no quarters required!