Trusted Sellers

Trusted Sellers

We carefully select our marketplace sellers to offer you top quality products alongside making sure they follow our shipping and return guidelines.
Easy Pay

Interest-Free Easy Pay®

Split your TSC Marketplace purchases into smaller payments with interest-free Easy Pay® payments.
Flexible Paymet

Flexible Payment Options

Use all payments methods, including TSC Gift Cards, to complete your TSC Marketplace purchase.


How do I know if a product is sold by a TSC Marketplace seller?
A unique icon marks all TSC Marketplace sellers on the product details pages and the product listing pages.
Can I use TSC Easy Pay® to purchase Marketplace items?
Absolutely, all Marketplace items are eligible for TSC Easy Pay® promotions.
Can I return a TSC Marketplace product to the TSC Customer Pickup?
TSC Marketplace items cannot be returned to the TSC Customer pickup location, but the seller will directly help you with any returns. All return information can be found on the seller’s page.
Can I check out as a guest when purchasing TSC Marketplace items?
All TSC products can be purchased as a guest user, including Marketplace items. For faster checkouts and account management you can quickly create a TSC account.
Are TSC Marketplace products ever included in TSC’s promotions?
TSC Marketplace products will have their own promotions created by sellers themselves. These promotions will show in the item price and/or shipping. TSC promotions will not be eligible for these items.
How will TSC Marketplace orders be shipped?
TSC Marketplace orders will be shipped by the carrier the corresponding seller selects. You’ll receive tracking information once the item ships.
What type of shipping methods are available for TSC Marketplace purchases?
TSC Marketplace sellers choose their own shipping methods to ship your product as fast as possible. Just select the ‘Standard’ shipping option before your order is placed. Estimated delivery information will be given during checkout to let you know when to expect your delivery. TSC Marketplace vendors take the same pride in their shipping methods as we do!
If I must make a change to an order, do I speak to a TSC Customer representative or the TSC Marketplace vendor?
Please call our TSC Customer Care team at 1-888-2020-0888 for any assistance with TSC Marketplace orders. For more information on how to modify your order, please visit our Order Modification Page.
Where can I find a TSC Marketplace seller’s return policy?
You can access the TSC Marketplace seller’s return policy by clicking on the seller’s name on the product details page below the ‘Add to bag’ button. This will take you to the seller’s page where you can learn more about their return policy and any other information.
How long will it take to process a Marketplace refund?
Please allow up to 7 business days from the date your returned package is received by the Marketplace Seller for us to process your refund.
Can I use my TSC gift card or credit card?
Yes! Both TSC gift cards and credit cards are eligible for TSC Marketplace item purchases. In addition, all available payment methods can be used when making a purchase at