Avazera - Organic Food and Wellness Essentials for a New Beginning!

With each passing day, food allergies become more common, and the demand for products that meet these dietary restrictions grows even more. To supply this demand, Avazera developed a complete line of wholesome products that are organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and ecological. With the best ingredients found in nature, the company creates healthy alternatives for your everyday consumption, from flavourful teas to healing stones. Dive into the wellness world of Avazera through TSC and shop the natural products online from your home. The meaning of Avazera is totally related to the company's purpose, which is to plant the seed of wellness in each person. Originated from two words “Ava” to give life and “Zera” the seed, the brand reflects the care in offering you sustainable products meticulously sourced from nature. To create Avazera, the founders were motivated by Shyon's severe allergies. The little boy, son of Shiva Brunett, the company co-founder, was experiencing allergic reactions caused by gluten, milk, nuts and eggs. These common ingredients, which affect the lives of millions of people around the world, were gradually replaced in Shyon's meals. Seeing the significant improvements in the boy's life, his parents decided to share his secrets with everyone looking for a balanced diet and lifestyle. Based in Toronto, Canada, Avazera is committed to developing feel-good products with exceptional quality to enhance your nutrition. Prepare delicious cold or hot drinks such as smoothies, teas, cocktails, or mouthwatering cookies, soups and cakes. The wide variety includes organic superfoods, loose-leaf tea blends, healthy snacks, wellness essentials and more. Everything is carefully tested, packed with 100% recycling and biodegradable materials and free of chemical additives. Among the brand's best-sellers are Avazera Superfoods Bundle, Avazera Tea Gift Set, Avazera Brazil Nuts and more, all available through TSC. Let your best version blossom with Avazera wholesome products and begin a happier and healthier life!