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Beekman 1802 - Discover the power of goat milk!

From the farm to your home, Beekman 1802 brings to you a natural moisturizer that will keep your skin and hair hydrated all year round: Goat Milk. All Beekman Boys products are made with this exceptional and powerful ingredient rich in nutrients, including vitamins A and B2, that can be easily and quickly absorbed by the skin. Shop Beekman 1802 haircare, soap, bubble bath, skincare, makeup or lotions online at TSC! The company, founded by Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, finds its roots in the spa community of Sharon Springs, New York. While on a weekend getaway in their rural property, the duo stumbled upon this historic namesake farm built over 200 years ago. The Beekman Boys were instantly inspired by its bucolic setting and township of hardworking farmers and artisans. Josh and Brent began their venture with a herd of 100 goats from the neighboring farm who was facing a difficult time. They started to produce goat milk soaps using fresh milk from the farm and the rest, as you can say, was history. Goat Milk Benefits Goat milk, the not-so-secret ingredient behind some of their most popular products, is the latest craze to take the beauty industry by storm, but for good reason: its properties hold fantastic health benefits for skin. • With a high-fat content, goat milk helps maintain healthy skin, especially in cold or dry climates, and can act as an excellent remedy for sensitive skin or eczema; • Goat milk contains alpha-hydroxyl acids, including lactic acid, that help to remove dead cells and because is more alkaline-forming helps to create gentle, soothing products that won’t irritate your skin; • It’s rich in vitamins A and B2 that rejuvenate the look of skin, and may help reduce the signs of aging; • Among the numerous benefits, It also provides a smooth, creamy texture with a silky smooth feel when applied to the skin. Sustainability behind the brand Josh and Brent had a clear objective of building a responsible, sustainable business by collaborating with local craftspersons to create unique, handmade treasures. By putting people first and producing locally, Beekman 1802 works to give back to regional communities and to create an authentic brand that remembers its roots. It was the admiration for Beekman 1802’s mission and products that brought Allison Wagoner to the Beekman Boys. An artisan in her own right; Allison is a classically trained chef, author of 9 cookbooks and a ceramics artist. In her role as Chief Milk Maiden, Alisson spreads kindness and goat milk goodness to neighbors all around the world. With 20,000+ hours of live television experience and knowledge of all things Beekman, Allison is proud to be Beekman 1802’s on-air host, bringing a wealth of information, expertise and stories to share!