Brentwood Appliances

Brentwood Kitchen Appliances and Cookware Products

Today is the beginning of a more practical cooking routine and a healthier lifestyle for you! Meet Brentwood's wide range of kitchen products available here at TSC and easily prepare a complete and wholesome meal. The brand’s small appliances allow you to quickly cook multiple dishes, from steamed vegetables to slow-cooked beef stew. Combining high-performance and intuitive design, hand mixers, air-fryers, toasters, slow cookers, juice extractors, electric grill, and more will deliver the best results. Brentwood also offers a cookware collection such as copper pans, pressure cookers, aluminum non-stick saucepan, etc. Easy to clean, durable and efficient, the items are a great addition to streamline your day-to-day and improve your food. Brentwood® is an American company based in Los Angeles focused on manufacturing kitchenware to inspire healthy eating. With 30 years in the market, the brand is committed to developing quality products and a cool and functional design at a good value. This way, Brentwood believes more people can have access to products that will transform their cooking and provide an easier life. Several brands make up the company's portfolio, including Brentwood Select, Just For Fun, Kool Zone and GEOJUG. For chill solutions, The Kool Zone collection includes many fans and coolers styles, while GEOJUG offers insulated water bottles. Brentwood Select is the line of cookware made for you, either an expert home chef or a newbie in the kitchen. Combined with Just For Fun’s small appliances, it’ll turn your kitchen into a world of infinite possibilities that will exceed your expectations. If you have kids and are looking for a more fun way to eat, the Animal Waffle Maker will bring a zoo into your home. Make delicious mini waffles with elephant, giraffe and bunny rabbit shapes at a time and let the kids' imagination run free. The Indoor Electric S'Mores Maker will also be a success between adults and perfect for a Friday night treat! Featuring four trays and forks and no open flame for safety, this appliance provides a fun S'Mores making experience for family and friends. With Stainless Steel or a colourful finish, aluminum or copper materials, Brentwood's appliances and cookware will adapt to your style. Check the products TSC selected for you and shop online!