The Bronzoro Collection

Classic and contemporary, Bronzoro jewellery is available to you here at TSC! The ancient cultures of the world believed that bronze was the starting point of everything. More than 2,000 years later, Bronzoro continues that tradition with their stunning and extensive jewellery collection. Fashioned in Italy, the hub of the world's fine jewellery industry, Bronzoro brings to you a beautiful line that is plentiful on variety and style, and agreeable on cost. All of their stunning pieces- rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and so much more- begin with an artisan fashioned bronze base. Durable and easy to work with, Bronzoro can bring the near-endless variety of their collection through a mix of knowledgeable craftsmanship and bronze's economical cost. Working with it as a beginning point, all of their pieces are finished with an 18k white, rose, or yellow gold coating, lustrous and eye-catching, and available at a portion of the cost of many of its contemporaries. Bronzoro are sure you will find their collection as undeniably beautiful as economical. Bronzoro also have the unique ability to fashion their jewellery with a balance of trendy hipness while retaining a sophisticated traditionalism, too. This gives their pieces a universal appeal and fantastic practicality, acting as either the focal point or accompaniment to any look, for any occasion. Whether you're looking at those finishing touches for a gala evening, something dynamic for a day at the office, or an afternoon on a patio, Bronzoro is guaranteed to have a wealth of options for you. They are also ideally appropriate to compliment one another, and you can easily showcase more than one piece side by side for some refined, contemporary glitz. Glamourous, distinct, and with something for everyone, Bronzoro will give you that finish you've been looking for, and are available to you here at TSC!