Canadian Dreams

Canadian Dreams Diamond Collection

Timeless and eternally stylish, Canadian Dreams Diamond Collection is available for you here at TSC! There is nothing that says elegance and beauty more so than a diamond. Classic, eye-catching, and symbolic of life's greatest achievements, diamonds represent the pinnacle of most everything. With Canadian Dreams Diamond Collection you can revel in their majesty with an array of pieces that are nothing short of absolutely stunning. Sometimes sophisticated and reserved, at others glitzy and attention-seeking, Canadian Dreams offer a variety of different creations in their collection that will appeal to any taste. Available in all manner of sizes, always set within lush 14k gold (in white and yellow variations), you will find their jewellery nothing short of undeniably irresistible. Whether you're looking for a beautifully crafted ring, regal necklace, or something else entirely, your selection will exhibit quality and craftsmanship in every single facet. Following the 'Four C's' of diamond selection (Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat), every stone is painstakingly reviewed, catalogued and valued as per industry standards, and you are assured of its value through the strictest evaluations. With Canada emerging in recent years as a major supplier of the world's diamond supply (approximately 15% of the global total in the past 3 years), Canadian Dreams use only domestically harvested stones in their jewellery, remaining truly Canadian from their initial discovery, through the refining process, and finally to completion in their gorgeous settings. Not only are you purchasing a beautiful jewellery piece meant to be adored and enjoyed for countless years to come, but also buying Canadian which supports our economy and helps to keep national industries strong. With styles and moods for most anyone, Canadian Dreams Diamond Collection represents beauty and elegance in every way. See for yourself through their stunning array of classic selections, available for you here at TSC.