CyberpowerPC - Get On Our Level

Combining relentless power with unique and incredible visuals, CyberpowerPC computers are available to you here at TSC! Based in Los Angeles, USA, CyberpowerPC burst onto the computer scene in 2003 with a bang. Driven by visionary commitment and the highest design standards, they were acknowledged quickly as one of the fastest growing companies in the state of California. Recognizing that not all systems are created equal, they set out to manufacturer computers with the serious gamer in mind, and in more ways than one. Not only are CyberpowerPC's computers fully equipped with ultra fast processors and mind-boggling amounts of memory, but their look stylishly defines the serious modern gamer, too. Sleek and futuristic like something from another galaxy, they feature glass casing on the side and an RGB light display within, giving you immersive colourful visuals that aren't limited to just the gaming screen itself! All of CyberpowerPC's various systems are accompanied by a high-tech keyboard as well, that continue the look and feel of something directly out of one of your cutting edge games! All units are accompanied with a minimum of 8 USB ports too, keeping you truly plugged in and the action non-stop. Available in a variety of different models with customized capabilities, you are sure to find a CyberpowerPC computer that is just right for your needs. You can also rest assured they are tested as meticulously as they're built, and CyberpowerPC stands by a commitment of truly high quality systems, at a reasonable and competitive price, and built with the long haul in mind! High-tech computer gaming with a personalized touch, let CyberpowerPC fuel your mind and online adventures alike. See and feel for yourself why CyberpowerPC is at the top of the list; a true combination of visuals and performance, available to you here at TSC!