Ecoegg laundry solutions at TSC

An innovative, environmentally-friendly laundry solution brought to you by Ecoegg and available right here at TSC! With a passion for producing ground-breaking laundry solutions that are both affordable and free from harmful chemicals, Ecoegg has sold more than 2-million products worldwide since launching in 2008. The company credits its success to driving forth environmentally-friendly innovations while offering great value to its customers through money-saving products and premium customer service. One Ecoegg has the ability to save you from purchasing up to 40 bottles of laundry detergent and softener each year! There are so many benefits to using Ecoegg’s small but effective line of products. The brand’s dermatologically tested, refillable laundry egg reduces single-use plastic with a 10-year lifespan guarantee and does not contain chemicals that are harmful to your skin. In addition, Ecoegg products are suitable for vegans as the company is steadfast in its promise to never test on animals and never use any animal derivatives in its products. How does the Ecoegg Laundry Egg work? The Laundry Egg’s exceptional cleaning and softening power come from the two types of scientifically formulated pellets found inside the egg. First, the black Tourmaline pellets naturally ionize the water, making it more alkaline, softening the clothing fibres. Next, the white mineral pellets work to draw the dirt and grime from your clothing fibres and prevents them from redepositing, leaving your fabrics fresh and clean! The endless 5-star Ecoegg reviews and global award recognitions, including the Good Housekeeping Institute’s ‘Getting Greener’ award for the Ecoegg Laundry Egg and Allergy UK’s ‘Allergy Friendly Product’ award, speak for themselves. This advanced total replacement for skin-irritating laundry detergents and fabric conditioners effectively cleans your clothes without fading colours. Discover the eco-friendly benefits that Ecoegg has to offer! Shop the brand’s full collection of products at TSC, including Ecoegg Dryer Eggs, antibacterial concentrated cleaners, detox tablets, and more!