Product Overview
What it is: 
The world’s most sophisticated smart mask, UFO combines highly effective skincare technologies with exclusive mask formulas for a professional-level skincare experience in seconds. Includes three mask sets for your hydrating, brightening, renewal skin care needs.

Who it is for: 

For women and Men who want an indulgent yet expedient masking experience with a professional-level treatment at home. 

What it does:

Featuring enhanced Hyper-Infusion Technology, UFO integrates thermo-therapy and cryo-therapy to push mask essence deep below skin’s surface and lock in moisture while helping to reduce the appearance of pores. Full-spectrum LED light therapy helps rejuvenate skin to unmask a refined, radiant complexion. 

Hyper-Infusion Technology: Heating helps with product absorption; enhances the penetration of skincare ingredients, aides in maintaining skin health as it increases the circulation of blood, ushering along proteins and nutrients to take away waste. Cooling causes blood vessels in the skin to constrict, making appearance of pores smaller and skin less puffy, lifts and tones the skin. T-Sonic pulsations help light diffuse deeper into pores for increased effectiveness, stimulates blood microcirculation, facilitating skin renewal, provides soothing facial massage, and facilitates better absorption of products.

RGB Led Light: Red, Green, and Blue Light Therapy: 

• Red Light (wavelength of 620-750 nm) helps to increase production of collagen and fibroblasts, increase circulation and formation of new capillaries to bring a healthy glow to skin, helps stimulate tissue healing and repair.
• Green Light (wavelength 495-570nm) helps improve pigmentation issues from causes such as sun damage, reveals a brighter more even complexion. 
• Blue Light (wavelengths of 400-495nm) Helps kills acne-causing bacteria (P. acnes) which can cause inflammation, stimulates blood flow, astringes and tightens loose skin"

What is included: 
• Foreo UFO Mini—valued at $209.00
• Foreo UFO Activated Mask - Youth Junkie (6 Masks)—valued at $32.99
• Foreo UFO Activated Mask - Glow Addict (6 Masks)—valued at $32.99
• Foreo UFO Activated Mask - H2O Hydrating (6 Masks)—valued at $32.99

*As offered for sale separately 
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