Product Overview
What it is:
Chinese Lily Youth Restore Vital Toning Complex is a specially formulated toner that combined 5,000 years of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines with cutting-edge Western Science and Technology and ingredients to work its best to help keep healthy revitalized and mositurized skin which will help you look and feel your best. It is a toner with a almost serum like texture.

Who it is for:
This Vital Toning Complex is designed for anyone. It is super rich in texture with luxurious performance. It is designed for those who has dull, patchy skin with redness, whose skin lacks of energy with reduced bounciness, enlarged skin pores, those who start to show the signs of wrinkles or deep wrinkles with dryness or anyone who wants help achieving glowing and better skin texture with energized youthful looking appearance.

What it does:
This Toner helps minimize pores and promotes healthier skin with important nutrients and luxurious texture. Helps improve and balance skin tones, elasticity, skin texture and firmness with radiant glow and helps slow down wrinkle formation, reduce age spots and restore skin youthful appearance. Also, serves as a great addition to your existing skincare—helps enhance efficacy and results!

What is included:
• Lily Herbceuticals Chinese Lily Youth Restore Vital Toning Complex
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