Logitech- Innovation And Quality

An undisputed leader in computing and electronic accessories, Logitech has everything you need to make your experiences extraordinary, and available here at TSC! Founded in 1981 in Lausanne, Switzerland, Logitech approached their introduction into the computing world with a strict focus on innovation and expert product design. They have been responsible for many firsts in computer accessory development, including the introduction of the wireless mouse and thumb-operated trackball. For Logitech, design is the beginning and ending of everything, and they approach every project with the intent of creating meaningful and unique products. They recognize that bringing customers the exact products and services they need is the cornerstone of success, and have grown into a multi-brand company (ASTRO Gaming, Ultimate Ears, and Blue Microphones, to name a small few) with a truly global reach. Their products reach into the worlds of music, gaming, video solutions, and of course, computing, with no intention of slowing down! When you purchase from Logitech, it isn't only of the highest industry quality available, it is coming from on organization that has garnered multiple design awards, and carries a serious commitment to environmental sustainability. For Logitech, sustainability is not a trendy buzzword; it’s a mindful principle they weave into everything they do. You can feel good about knowing your purchase has gone towards a company that takes the earth's future seriously. With an almost endless array of keyboards, speakers, headsets, mouse options, and more, Logitech proudly equips you with everything you need to make your computer experiences great. Using a Logitech product will help you understand from the get go why they remain such a strong innovator and popular choice the world over. Whether your needs are basic or advanced, for fun or for business, let Logitech help you with their renowned quality line, available for you here at TSC!