Manitobah Mukluks

Manitobah Mukluks: Canada’s original winter boot

Slip into serious warmth and comfort with Manitobah Mukluks: Canada's original winter boot, available for you right here online at TSC! We're proud to offer you a range of the brand's signature styles, including waterproof Mukluks and Métis suede moccasins, as well as limited-edition selections featuring handcrafted beadwork by Indigenous artist Anne Bell. Described for generations as the warmest winter boot in the world with the ability to withstand -32°C with ease, Manitobah Mukluks is a proudly Indigenous-owned company headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The company is driven by a powerful vision to build a vibrant, global brand that will positively impact Indigenous communities. The company prides itself on sharing its successes with the Indigenous individuals it works with and celebrating its shared values and longstanding history through keeping Indigenous traditions alive. Staying true to its promise to support Indigenous communities, Manitobah Mukluks launched its Métis collection, described as perfectly fusing two worlds. The boots and moccasins offered in this collection feature iconic flower motifs inspired by the Métis heritage. Designed and manufactured to brave Canada's frigid winters, Manitobah Mukluks and moccasins are crafted with breathable sheepskin and natural hides that taper away moisture, as well as flexible and durable soles that promote circulation and barefoot-like comfort. True to its commitment to keeping its indigenous traditions alive, the brand's high-performance rubber Vibram® sole doubles as a canvas for Indigenous art. The Tipi design found on the sole was created exclusively for the brand by Indigenous artist Heather Endall. The brand has been featured in renowned publications and information sources like Vogue, Flare, CBC, Maclean's, and The Globe & Mail, and have been spotted adorning the feet of global sensations like Jessica Biel, Kate Moss, and Cindy Crawford. Manitobah Mukluks knows cold. With a stylish (and proudly Canadian) range of cold-weather gear like waterproof and winter boots for men and women and warm cowhide suede mittens, you'll conquer the outdoors confidently. Trust Manitobah Mukluks for all of your winter needs. Available for you here at TSC.