Mr. Christmas

Mr. Christmas - Holiday Decorations

The magic of the holiday season is brought to life by the joy-sparking collections from Mr. Christmas. From Christmas-themed dessert plates to hand-painted Christmas tree ornaments and mini songbook sets, you'll find everything you need to kick-off the festive season right here at TSC! Founded in 1933 by Merril Hermanson, Mr. Christmas, a family-owned business, has been a pioneer in the world of creating, designing, and marketing state-of-the-art mechanical and musical decorations for the holiday season. For more than 85 years, Mr. Christmas has remained dedicated to crafting unique decorations that would delight all ages and be passed down from generation to generation. Every piece found within the Mr. Christmas collection is meticulously designed with great detail and care to ensure it finds its place as a special part of your holiday traditions and home decorations for the years to come. Through intricate Christmas decorations like carousels, music boxes, ceramic trees, and nostalgic figurines, the Hermanson family's goal is to continue building and designing products that bring happiness to your family season after season. Mr. Christmas decorations blend classic holiday designs with the latest technology to create magical items that make memorable gifts. The Mr. Christmas Santa Meter is the perfect addition to your household for holiday family fun! Loved by children and adults alike, this entertaining and interactive decoration helps you find out if you're on Santa's nice or naughty list while playing an enchanted holiday-themed song. The joy continues with unique tabletop or windowsill decorations like the Mr. Christmas Climbing Santa. This 17" tall Christmas decoration is a festive favourite. It plays classic holiday songs like "Deck The Halls," "Here We Come A-Caroling," and "Jolly Old St. Nick" while Santa climbs up and down the ladder. Infuse the magic of the holiday season into your home with Mr. Christmas, available to you here at TSC.