Mr. Max

Mr. Max - Stress Free Dressing

Mr. Max is celebrating their fantastic 25th year in partnership with TSC! With the basic theme of 'stress free dressing', Mr. Max helps you-be-you with a collection that incorporates modern style and comfort all at once. Their vast array of clothing lines are a beautiful combination of timeless cuts, sporty flash, upscale casual and fun glam, with a distinct consideration for the latest modern trends reflected in every piece. Since their debut in 1986 as a Canadian woman's fashion brand, Mr. Max' goals are both ambitious and simple, with attention paid to quality fabrics, classic lines, and the balance of slimming looks with an unparalleled fit. They always have their customer in mind above all else, creating value with not only affordability, but also designing single pieces that can be paired into full outfits, and an intentional eye on 'easy to care, easy to wear' thinking. Anything that should encompass a premium woman's line is what Mr. Max is all about, by honouring natural curves, femininity, and an attractive stylish fit that balances flattery with comfort. Their constant focus on finding and accentuating your individual 'WOW factor' will always serve you in finding the best version of yourself! A long-standing international favourite through Canada, France, and the United Kingdom, Mr. Max is always looking to the future in the use of cutting edge fabrics, with a continual eye on your satisfaction by evolving flattering fits, simple care, and unparalleled comfort. TSC is proud to celebrate the quarter century they have partnered with Mr. Max, and invite you to also celebrate yourself with their selection of dresses, knits, pants, and so much more that will highlight the absolute best of anyone. Uniquely timeless and trendy, classic and modern, Mr. Max will help your true self come though and your inner light shine!