Parkhurst Canada

Classically stylish and undeniably patriotic, Parkhurst is available to you here at TSC! Based in Toronto, Canada and founded in 1926, Parkhurst has as varied and interesting a history as this nation itself. Louis Borsook was looking to expand his millinery business, and came back from Europe in 1926 with machines for manufacturing berets. The mass production and popularity of the Dorothea Basque beret took Borssok and his company into another realm, and Parkhurst was excitingly born as a fashion line. A patriot through and through, Borsook produced Beret's for allied forces during World War 2, while expanding his fashion line to include women's gloves, scarves, and high quality knit sweaters. These proved popular as well and, when his son Beryl joined Parkhurst a few years later at the end of the war, they added men's knitwear to their collection and expanded their customer base again. Still run by the original family that launched it almost a century ago (Steven Borsook remains proudly in charge),and located in Toronto, Parkhurst continues to delight the country with their high quality knitwear and trademark reverence of the red maple leaf. Their collection is a classic blend of Canadian inspired staples like sweaters, hats, gloves, and jackets, and all with an unmistakable nod to exceptional quality and wonderful design. True to their origins, Parkhurst continue to honour high quality materials in their designs, and are proud to remain a true 'beginning to end' operation, too; they have the ability to receive raw fabric material, dye as required, and finish it into the wonderful end designs available to you. Whether you're looking to flaunt your love of this great nation, keep yourself warm on an afternoon of sledding, or just curl up in something of exceptional warm design, Parkhurst has exactly what you need, and is proudly available to you here at TSC!