Red Coral Fashions

Red Coral Fashion

Providing beautiful items for women of all ages and sizes, Red Coral is available to you here at TSC! Launched in Kitchener, Ontario over 30 years ago, Red Coral started as a whimsical idea found inside a big black suitcase full of original fashion samples. Initially, the company founder Judy thought only to supplement the family's income and indulge a passion for design by selling her stylish creations to local boutiques. That big black sample case soon multiplied into two, and the Kitchener-Waterloo area could not contain what would soon become Red Coral! They now boast retail locations all throughout Southern Ontario, and Judy's entire extended family are all employed by the popular brand, busy bringing new ideas and collections to you and your wardrobe! For what is at heart a boutique brand, the size and extensiveness of Red Coral's collection is nothing short of astounding. They offer all manner of fashion staples like sweaters, tunics, wraps, pants, and so much more, all with an elegant classic appeal. Their attractive apparel is available in all manner of colours and patterns that speak to any and every taste, and in an inclusive array of sizes, too. In Red Coral's own words, they say 'Our brand was created just for you! Our Red Coral ladies are happy, curious, and a lot of fun!' With that in mind, Red Coral plan their collections with a distinct attention towards versatility, quality, and comfort, and always with reasonable, affordable pricing in mind, too. Value and style in equal measure is always an attractive proposition, and Red Coral is more than happy to bring that to you. They are the same group of women after all these years, who simply love fashion and want to share it with you! Discover versatility and value, with Red Coral, available to you here at TSC!