Samsung products

Samsung is the manufacturing and technological jewel of South Korea. Their developments and products are leaders in the world of innovation, and available here for you on TSC. Absolute industry leaders in every field they enter, Samsung is a representation of dedication to excellence, value of product, and the love of innovation. They hold global market share for mobile phone sales, are synonymous with some of the world's highest quality televisions (dominating international television sales every year since 2006), and have redefined the expectations and traditional value of home appliances. They are light years away from their humble beginnings in the 1930's as a noodle and textile seller, founded by grocer Lee Byung-Chull. At the end of the 1960's, the company would enter the world of electronics with their first black and white television sets, and would never look back. Always at the forefront of technology, Samsung have become the giants they are through the constant reinvention of already exceptional products, and nurturing a truly global presence as well. The combination of excellent quality and innovative features are seen throughout their vast product lines. The Samsung Galaxy has already become legendary, and in many ways defines the standard of what a mobile phone should be and do. Samsung's variety of televisions offer outstanding picture quality combined with unrivalled smart technology. Their line of Galaxy Book laptop computers are perfect showcases for the balance of performance and display. The Galaxy Watch is a leading accessory that helps promote your healthy lifestyle while effortlessly looking great, too. And these are only the beginning; you can be sure that when you are buying Samsung, you are investing in absolute excellence. A singular solution for your electronic needs, Samsung not only delivers to you the constant promise of technological greatness, but also what is yet to come. Get your Samsung products here, available at TSC.