Saxon Chocolates

Saxon Chocolates - Artisanal Gourmet Chocolate Treats

A fresh, deep aroma; a velvety, smooth texture; a distinct, rich flavour; and a pleasant, lingering aftertaste are the rewards awaiting those who are first enchanted by the unique, stylish presentation of Saxon Chocolates. The founder, Johan De Greef, brought to Canada a passion, a personification of elegance, and an expression of a long and rich tradition. And TSC has the pleasure to offer all chocolate lovers Saxon's fine products, which will provide you with an unforgettable experience from packaging to content.

Saxon Chocolates's roots trace back to Europe, home to a historic and unrivalled tradition in high-quality chocolate making, where De Greef was born. "I feel like chocolate-making is not only part of my cultural past and my personality, but that it's in my DNA," he muses. A focus on efficiency and quality drives every step of the manufacturing process to ensure superiority and consistency across its entire product line. Saxon Chocolates are made using simple recipes; De Greef believes that complex recipes (e.g., consisting of more than 50 ingredients) can't compare to Saxon's process of simplicity and purity. Only the world's finest cocoa beans make it into Saxon chocolates as they are more robust and potent, with a spicier and nuttier flavour.

De Greef describes his products as valuable gifts that meet the most sophisticated tastes of his customers. Making exquisite chocolate isn't enough to stand out in the world of high-end elegance, and a box of Saxon Chocolates is much more than the bouquet of its contents. It is an experiential gift designed to tantalize the eyes with a stylish presentation before penetrating the senses with an unrivalled taste. The company consistently crafts new collections to capture each chocolate's essence and elegance while providing something fresh and often whimsical for you. From sea salt caramels to peppermint bark flavours, from hot chocolate to marshmallows, and from individual packages to assorted gift boxes, Saxon Chocolates has options for whatever the occasion is!

About Johan De Greef As an engineer, Johan De Greef appreciates precision and efficiency, and as a creative and artistic spirit, he appreciates colour, culture and fashion. But most of all, De Greef profoundly appreciates fine foods, and to him, none is finer than chocolate. Born in Antwerp, Belgium—the heart of the world's richest chocolate-making tradition—De Greef moved to Canada in 1987 to follow his dream at the age of 24. After working as an engineer, a fine food business and a chocolate manufacturer, De Greef envisioned an opportunity, so in 1994, his love for luxury chocolate led him to found Saxon Chocolates, a company whose calibre of the product would meet his own high standards for quality and taste. De Greef has translated his appreciation for life's finer things into a chocolate-covered success story, and Saxon's collection of luxury chocolates are now displayed in their creative, eye-catching packaging at high-end specialty stores across North America.