Shannon Passero

Shannon Passero Collection

A multi-national success story with a conscience, the Shannon Passero collection is available to you here at TSC! Canadian Shannon Passero worked for the better part of 3 decades in the energetic atmosphere of Thailand, designing wholesale collections and providing her unique creations to the rest of the world. After deciding to return home with a wealth of creative knowledge, Passero set about creating a distinct, vibrant clothing line that melded influences of western fashion and the eastern aesthetics she absorbed on busy Thai streets for 28 years. As Shannon Passero took off, she had some very specific ideas on how her clothing line and its production were to be run. In their own words, Shannon Passero is all about 'Inspired Design. Quality Clothing. Innovative Experience. A Movement For Social Change.' Passero has been able to maintain her ideals with enviable success, and continues to delight the fashion world as strongly as ever. Comfort and style are an absolute given, with a collection that boasts an original flare and universal appeal. Designed with homegrown conviction here in Thorold, Ontario, Passero has been meticulous with her production values, and oversees her apparel's creation with the highest standards of human rights in the United States, Turkey, and (acknowledging her beloved home away from home) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Standing behind their promise of creating lifestyle clothing for effortless dressing, the Shannon Passero collection can offer both a unique and accessible look to your wardrobe. Their eye-catching jackets and pullovers are cut with a dynamic touch, offering beauty and vibrancy that can go with almost anything in your clothing rotation. Never conceding style for comfort, Shannon Passero admits an obsession with quality and unique details, and they shine through with ever single piece in her wonderful line of apparel. The Shannon Passero collection is available to you here at TSC!