Spanx by Sara Blakely

Spanx By Sara Blakely

Globally beloved and undeniably popular, Spanx by Sara Blakely is available to you here at TSC! Spanx' story began in 1998, which Blakely describes as 'starting with a pair of pantyhose, some scissors, and a bright idea!' Frustrated with the lack of comfortable slimming options available to the modern woman, Blakely invented Spanx, and the world of women's fashion and undergarments would never be the same again. Her product gained momentum at a dizzying pace, became a qualified top seller in over 50 countries around the world, and eventually set up shop with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Adored by the public and celebrities alike, Spanx can boast the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, and Oprah Winfrey as enthusiastic devotees. Blakely's position is the fashion world is now nothing short of iconic; she not only injected a then-mundane industry with a vibrant and valuable product, but also became a Time Magazine '100 most influential people' entrant, and the head a 2 billion dollar fashion giant in the bargain. All from a modest $5,000 investment and an idea! Blakely remains as obsessed as ever with creating comfortable, slimming garments that reduce figure flaws; since their inception, Spanx has introduced over 100 products and accompanying lines to address all manner of specific challenges. Their unwavering mission remains exactly the same since their launch: to help women feel great about themselves, and their potential. Never sitting still, Spanx and Blakely offer a vast array of products to continue with their undeniable influence and solving even more wardrobe woes: bras, leggings, underwear, active wear, and more, are all available with the same comfort and conviction as ever. With Spanx, you can create that perfect fit and seamless look for all those favourites in your closet. A bona fide trendsetter, Spanx products are available to you here at TSC!