Stefano Oro

Stefano Oro - Italian Jewellery

A true combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern appeal, the glorious beauty of the Stefano Oro collection is available to you exclusively here in Canada on TSC! Passionately loyal to his Italian heritage- he lives and creates his incredible pieces in Tuscany's town of Arezzo with unabashed passion- Oro infuses every single piece of his work with a unique feel that has dazzled the jewellery world for over thirty years. Born in Florence, Stefano Virginio (Oro) proudly adds classical Italian sensibilities to all of his jewellery, drawing inspiration from the warmly picturesque buildings, streets, and landscapes of his beloved Arezzo. The town itself is famous for its dedication to old-world crafting techniques, and this inspiration can be seen in the melding of the region's history and a beautiful modern sensibility in Oro's timeless pieces. True to their craft, all items are individually handmade by Oro's goldsmiths. His collection of stunning jewellery, all forged and crafted in 14K gold, is breathtakingly diverse and caters to all manner of personal tastes. Quoted as saying 'I take Italy with me everywhere I go', you can see and feel it in every single one of them. Whether its a sumptuous ring, elegant necklace, a set of eye-catching earrings or a beautiful bracelet, all of the detailed earmarks associated with the Stefano Oro brand will be on display. Traditionalism is ever-present with gorgeously classic crosses, dainty butterflies, universally loved hearts, and select Italian turns-of-phrase forged into memorable, adorable charms. Versatile and appropriate for both everyday use and those wonderfully special occasions, you cannot help but fall in love with everything this collection has to offer. If you're looking for something classic or equally more contemporary, Stefano Oro can promise something for everyone with a universal beauty for all to see, and exclusively available to you here at TSC.