Superior Meats

Superior Meats at TSC

Superior Meats is a family-owned company that was officially established in 1994 in Ontario, Canada, though the family’s ancestors have deep roots in Italy. The love of quality, specialty meats and cheese goes back many generations, with the best knowledge and practices always being passed down. They specialize in traditional artisan style dry and cured meat products from Europe and rare, imported cheese. In addition to providing specialty items that may not easily be found anywhere else, they remain focused on quality. Just because they’re hard to find doesn’t mean they’ll offer up just anything - only the best of the best comes from their shop. Some of their dried and preserved specialties include salami, bacon, ham, mini peppercorns, and many other European delicacies that have been enjoyed by families for many generations. Their salami is especially diverse as every country has its own special recipe. This means you can taste a distinct difference based on where the salami comes from, giving you endless opportunites for flavors and special recipes of your own. Their cheese is of no less importance. They’ve sourced specialty, artisan cheeses from some of the best cheesemakers from around the world. They focus on the classics but also pay attention to food trends, discoveries, and innovations in order to provide the best of what everyone may want each year. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and overall attention to detail has garnered them many loyal customers in both the wholesale and consumer spaces. Between the specialty meat and rare cheeses, the meal combinations are endless. Many families have used Superior Meats products to develop delicious sandwich recipes that have become a tradition within their own family, enjoyed by multiple generations.