Tanzanite Gems

Tanzanite Gems- The Beauty Of Tanzania

Unique, exclusive, and irresistible, Tanzanite Gems are available to you here at TSC! First discovered in 1967 and brought to the public through the sponsorship of the Tiffany & Co. Company, the gem that would become known as Tanzanite was given its fanciful name from the only nation on the planet where it is found and mined: Tanzania. It is an important resource for the nation's economy, and unlike any other stone found around the world. It's lush blend of deep blue and warm purple quickly made it a global favourite, especially when set within beautifully crafted jewellery pieces fashioned for the discerning, elegant woman. Paired with gorgeous stylings made of gold, silver, and platinum, Tanzanite is as versatile as it is attractive. There seems to be something genuinely magical about Tanzanite, and its continued presence and demand for 6 decades shows that the entire world had been cast under its spell, too. Hypnotic but subtle, exotic but universal, Tanzanite Gems are in a class all of their own. Whether you're looking for a lustrous ring that suggests royalty, dazzling earrings for that gala evening out, a stunning necklace to tie a sophisticated ensemble together, and much more, Tanzanite Gems is sure to have what you want in all of its glittering warm beauty. If you're looking for a stone that demands attention without a staggering price tag, Tanzanite Gems can accommodate any budget without sacrificing an elite and prestigious look. TSC is also proudly the largest retailer of Tanzanite Gems throughout Canada, and we guarantee you will not find the selection and quality available here through any other resource. From the exotic vistas of Tanzania comes a gem unlike any other, and available in its one-of-a-kind beauty through Tanzanite Gems, in a variety of high-quality pieces only here at TSC!