Terrera Collection - For You And The Planet

Lovingly designed for you and the planet, Terrera is available here at TSC! With a name meaning 'our time on earth', Terrera is committed to making you look great without compromise to the planet or its future. As designers of environmentally conscious clothing, Terrera started life in Markham, Ontario as LNBF (Leave Nothing But Footprints) years ago. As their successful commitment to fashion and the environment grew, the name Terrera was selected to symbolize the next stage of their vision. Their personal challenge is a hefty one: the creation of sustainable bedding and clothing, primarily with women in mind, and to look great in the process. To that end, all of Terrera's fabrics and materials are completely sustainable, eco-friendly, and both ethically sourced and made. All of their dyes are allegen free and safe for sensitive skin, their use of bamboo allows for a fabric that naturally encourages comfort with moisture regulating, and all of their workplaces adhere to strict rules of human rights standards and the highest safety. In the pursuit of their lofty goals, Terrera have been overwhelming successful, and continue to strive for even greater heights in their endeavours. All of this comes at absolutely no expense to style or comfort, either. With a specific eye towards the universal perfect fit, Terrera has created a collection of dresses, tops, and more, that will endlessly flatter and feel great, too. Available in a rich selection of irresistible colours, there is something for everyone, and appropriate for all manner of occasions, too. Terrera proves that you can own a stunning selection of clothes that not only supplement your look, but help protect the planet as well. Affordable and beautifully simple, Terrera is thrilled to spearhead your wardrobe and support the environment while doing it. Proudly Canadian, Terrera is available to you here at TSC!