Umbra- Born Out Of Passion For Original Design

Umbra is for everything that turns a house into a home, and is available to you here at TSC! Based in Toronto, Ontario and launched in 1979, Umbra has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the world's largest sellers of housewares, decor, furniture and so much more; Umbra is available in over 120 countries, and with regional offices in no less than over fifteen of them. They govern themselves with a balance of casual, original and modern design, made affordable, for every single room in your house. It all started with the design of a single window shade (of which Umbra is the latin word for), and has exploded to include everything you need to make your home efficient and looking wonderfully stylish, too. Whatever you're looking for, regardless of room or fixture or purpose, Umbra has what you need to complete the job. Whether you're looking to give one (or more) of your rooms a sprucing up, create some added functionality where there was none before, or change the layout of the space altogether, Umbra has the fixtures and decor you've been wanting to make it happen. Their extensive product catalogue for the kitchen, bathroom, storage spaces, and window coverings is packed with wonderful items that will transform any room in your home to something chic and beautiful. With an experienced and passionate design team that constantly strives to out-do itself by surpassing all expectations, you are sure to have the pinnacle of design and aesthetics to bring value and joy to your living space. They believe in harnessing curiosity and staying constantly inspired to design only the absolute best, and continued popularity and success shows how good they are at it, too. Give every section of your living space the style it deserves with Umbra, available to you here at TSC!